Gold and silver medals

Each year, the university rewards the best prize theses with gold or silver medals. The medals are presented to the prizewinners at the University's Annual Commemoration.

In addition to a medal, the winners also receive a travel grant from the Director Ib Henriksen Foundation in the amount of DKK 10,000 or 5,000 and a scholarship worth DKK 5,000 or 2,500 from the University.

Prize papers for 2024

At the Annual Commemoration on 10 November 2023, the University announced the subjects of the prize papers for 2024.

Guidelines and regulations



Submission of prize papers 2024

Call for papers at the Annual Commemoration Ceremony on 10 November 2023:
The papers must be sent by
12:00 noon on Wednesday 15 January 2025
via email to the faculty in question (See email addresses below):

Submission of prize papers 2023

Call for papers at the Annual Commemoration Ceremony on 25 November 2022:
The papers must be sent by
12:00 noon on Monday 15 January 2024
via email to the faculty in question (See email addresses below):

The medals will be awarded at the Annual Commemoration on 8 November 2024.

View the prize papers 2023

The papers must be sent to:

 Does not call for papers
Medical Sciences: Does not call for papers 
Science: Does not call for papers 
Social Sciences: 
Interdisciplinary prize papers. 






Questions regarding specific prize papers
For questions about for instance papers where no specific supervisor is given, please contact

  • HUMANITIES: Anne Villumsen,, 35 32 69 99
  • LAW: Do not issue prize papers
  • SOCIAL SCIENCES: Lea Rosa Kvist,, 35 32 52 03
  • SCIENCE: Do not issue prize papers
  • MEDICAL SCIENCES: Do not issue prize papers
  • THEOLOGY: Pia Christensen,, 35 32 36 08
  • Interdisciplinary prize papers: Helle Birch Schmidt,, 35 32 29 01

Or you can contact the dean’s office at your faculty: The addresses of the Faculties

Questions regarding the prize paper regulations
If you cannot find an answer in the guidelines and regulations, please contact:

Senior Consultant
Helle Birch Schmidt
Educational Strategy & Analysis
Education & Students
Tel.: (+45) 35 32 29 01




Prizewinning papers are made available to the general public by agreement with Copenhagen University Library. Unsuccessful papers are archived by the relevant Faculties, and are not available to be read.

At the University Library, University of Copenhagen holds a collection of prize papers awarded the gold or silver medal from 1920 up to today. New papers are added, but the collection is not complete. In principle, the papers are available to readers, although the condition of some of the older manuscripts means that they are only available in the reading room.

Former prize papers are archived at the Royal Danish Library. You can search for them here.

Prizewinners since 2006


Gold medal

Gustav Graeser Damgaard
Niels Hvelplund
Sandra Louise Dornonville la Cour
Johan Ulrik Nielsen

Silver medal

Astrid Marie Saugmann Jensen
Andreas Ole Nielsen
Alberte Zerman Steffen



Gold medal

Hanne Maj Britt Danielsen
Theis Schønning Johansen
Jonatan Mizrahi-Werner
Anne Sofie Nissen
Sophie Thorkildsen

Silver medal

Jonas Jochumsen
Jason Wilson



Gold medal

Anders Solitander Bohlbro
Lasse Stein Holst
Katrine Gisselø Lauridsen
Niels Gunnar van Leeuwen
Silas Lischang Marker

Silver medal

Sune Lerche Andersen
Elizabeth Møller Christensen
Signe Sørensen