Teacher of the Year Award 2021

Every year at the Commemoration, the University of Copenhagen gives out an annual award to one of the University's lecturers, part- or full time employed, for good and inspirational teaching. Students and employees at the University can nominate candidates for the Teacher of the Year Award.

Deadline for nominations was 3 May

By giving out the award, the University of Copenhagen wishes to highlight and appreciate high-quality university teaching. The winner receives a porcelain owl and DKK 25,000.

The Teacher of the Year Award is also called 'Årets Harald' (Harald of the Year), named after the mathematician Harald Bohr.

Students and employees at the University can nominate their candidate until 3 May 2021. The University’s Academic Board on Education Strategy will choose the winner based on the nominations.

The Teacher of the Year Award 2021 will be presented at the annual Commemoration Ceremony Friday 12 November 2021.

Criteria for the Teacher of the Year Award

The University of Copenhagen's Academic Board on Education Strategy (KUUR) has adopted the following criteria for awarding the Teacher of the Year Award. When you nominate a teacher for the Award, please give examples of how the teacher meets the criteria. You may well nominate a teacher even if you are unable to account for all of the criteria.

  1. The teacher contributes extraordinarily in achieving great engagement, critical reflection and a high academic level among the students.
  2. The teacher communicates difficult material in an inspiring manner and provides constructive feedback to the students.
  3. The teacher plays a significant role in the innovation and quality development of the teaching, e.g. through the introduction of new teaching methods and new technology or the inclusion of new research-based knowledge for the benefit of the students.
  4. The teacher shares experiences with and involve both colleagues and feedback from the students in the development of the teaching.
  5. The teacher supports the relevance of the teaching, e.g. by incorporating experiences from practice and inspiration from external parties.
  6. The teacher contributes through research-based teaching and supervision that students learn to apply scientific theories and methods.

The National Teaching Prize

When you nominate a candidate for the Teacher of the Year Award 2021, you also nominate the teacher for the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's National Teaching Prize 2022, which is worth DKK 500,000. The University of Copenhagen's Academic Board on Education Strategy selects two nominees for the Teacher of the Year Award who will become the Unitersity of Copenhagen's nominees for the Ministry's National Teaching Prize the following year.

The National Teaching Prize honours inspiring and engaging teaching and is awarded to two university teachers based on nominations from all Danish universities. The Ministry's next National Teaching Prize will be awarded in autumn 2021, and for it UCPH has nominated teachers who were nominated for the University's Teacher of the Year Award in 2020. Read more about the National Teaching Prize at the Ministry's website (in Danish only)The University of Copenhagen only accepts nominations of teachers employed at The University of Copenhagen.


Please contact Søren Vernegren Kirk (soren.kirk@adm.ku.dk), Education & Students, for additional information about the nomination procedure.