Study Environment Award 2021

The Study Environment award is awarded to an individual or unit at UCPH, who through an extraordinary or innovative effort has enhanced the quality of the study environment for students at UCPH, including the international study environment.

Deadline for nominations was 3 May

The concept of ‘study environment’ is interpreted in its widest sense and includes;

  1. the physical environment,
  2. the psycho-social aspects of the study environment that effect student well-being (including the academic/social aspect), and finally
  3. the digital and communicative side of the study environment. In other words, the study environment in general, and how it helps promote the students’ general well-being and their ability to tackle academic challenges.

In other words, the overall study environment, which will help students thrive, while they study and tackle academic challenges.

The winner will receive a work of art as well as 25.000 DKK to be used in further efforts to strengthen the study environment for UCPH students.

Would you like to nominate someone for the study Environment Award 2021?

Do you know a person or a unit who is doing something extraordinary to further the study environment at the University of Copenhagen, and deserves to be recognised for their exceptional efforts for UCPH students? If so, why not nominate them for the Study Environment Award 2021.

All staff and students are entitled to submit nominations stating the reasons why a particular person or unit should be considered for the award. Please note, however, that you may not nominate your own unit. The chairmanship of the UCPH Academic Board on Education Strategy will choose the winner.

Who is eligible?

Students, staff, units, departments, associations and student organisations at UCPH can be nominated for the Study Environment Award.

Which types of initiatives?

You may nominate any type of initiative within the three areas listed above. However, priority will be given to initiatives designed to improve the study environment in the following specific categories:

  1. Initiatives at the interface between social and academic life, i.e. social initiatives outside the classroom but that have academic content and support academic learning.

  2. Outreach initiatives involving the local community, e.g. employers, the business community or other organizations.

  3. Psychosocial initiatives, e.g. to enhance student well-being, boost their sense of academic identity and address and prevent stress about completing study programs. This category also includes initiatives that generate a sense of community among students, including ones to do with the physical study environment that have a knock-on effect on the psychosocial study environment.

  4. Initiatives designed to prevent students dropping out, including direct interventions or initiatives like those listed above that have an indirect effect on dropout rates, e.g. via better social and academic integration, stronger links with practice via closer co-operation with the local community and fewer stressed students.

The Study Environment Award is awarded to an individual or unit for extraordinary efforts or innovative thinking about how to improve the study environment at the University. Initiatives that will inspire others and can be deployed in other parts of the University are encouraged.

How to nominate?

To submit a nomination for the Study Environment Award 2021, complete this form.
The deadline for submitting a nomination was 3 May 2021.

It is a prerequisite for nominations that the prize money can be transferred to a custodian unit at the University (e.g. deanery, faculty director, department, centre or study board).

If you want to nominate a person for good and inspiring teaching, you can make a nomination for the Teacher of the Year Award 2021.


Please contact Rikke Prüsse-Nielsen (, Education & Students, for more information about the nomination procedure.